Learning with NCCAT Staff

Join us for regularly scheduled remote sessions with our staff.


On alternating Tuesdays at 3:30 PM Eastern Time, we host Roundtables, virtual gatherings of small peer-groups, providing an open forum to discuss both specific or general questions on a focused topic in cryoEM. We will start with a 5-10 minute intro given by our staff and then open up the floor for Q&A/discussion. The schedule of topics for our 2021 series is below. If you have a particular interest in a topic not listed, contact us at nccattraining [at] nysbc.org and we will hold additional sessions for topics in high demand. Roundtables will last ~1 hour.

2021 Dates Register here – Registration is open to all, you can register for multiple dates but will have to register for each date individually.

April 20: Sample prep: What grids should I use?

May 4: Data collection: How much will I benefit from the new TEM hardware?

May 18: Data collection: What is “screening”? How do I use on-the-fly feedback?

June 1: Data processing: SPA – 3D refinement, symmetry expansion and masking

June 15: CryoEM facility logistics: Tracking and management for different user bases

June 29: SPA workflows from Data to map, journal club style: Evaluate the methods & data from a paper of interest (paper TBD)

July 13, 9:00 AM: Machine learning: What steps in the pipeline are benefiting and how do I trust it? [Note different meeting time!]

July 27: SPA Tricks for tricky samples (membrane proteins, preferred orientations, etc…)

August 10: Sample prep for electron diffraction with 3D-crystals

August 24: SPA model building & validation

September 7: MicroED: Data collection strategies

 September 21: Data processing:  Tomography – sub-tomo averaging workflows

April 9: Data processing to 2D averages

April 16: Processing in the cloud (AWS tutorial)

April 23: Tomography part 1 – theory

April 30: Tomography part 2 – practice

May 7: SPA Membrane protein data processing

May 14: Practical strategies for efficient Krios data collection

May 21: Data processing – generating 3D reconstructions

May 28: Grid preparation for single particle analysis

June 4: Blot-free vitrification and nanowire grids

Topics TBD: if you have requests please e-mail us at nccattraining[at]nysbc.org.

Office hours

Tuesdays at 3:00 PM Eastern Time we hold one-on-one office hours for trainees to address topics including:

  • Questions you have after using on our online course materials
  • Specific questions about your project, from sample prep to data processing and analysis. If you’ve collected data at NCCAT we can dive into your data together
  • How to access and best use our instrumentation resources

To schedule an office hours appointment, contact us at nccatinfo [at] nysbc.org.