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Model building tutorial

This tutorial serves as an entry-level introduction to building atomic models from 3D cryoEM reconstructions and is organized in 3 parts: primary instruction by video conferencing, time for self learning and followup office hours.

Ready to start? Sign up for the Dec 7 & 10th tutorial here.


The instructions for our 1/2 day tutorial held on April 20th and May 13th, 2020 are here.

Tutorial agenda

1:00 – 2:50 – Guided work through parts 1 & 2 [Tutorial instructions]

2:50 – 3:10 – Break: work on your own or stretch your legs

3:10 – 5:00 – Guided work through parts 3-5.

We will take breaks as needed throughout the tutorial to make sure everyone is caught up and your questions are answered.

Post tutorial homework and friendly competition: Finish your model and submit by e-mail within one week. Models with the best validation scores will win bragging rights.

You will need local installations of the visualization & building software working before we start. More detailed instructions will be provided before the tutorial but this will get you started:

NCCAT’s distance learning Model building tutorial by instructor Christina.