Model building tutorial

This tutorial serves as an entry-level introduction to building atomic models from 3D cryoEM reconstructions. In the current version, instruction will be broken up over 2 afternoons to minimize Zoom fatigue. Day one will focus on model building and day two will focus on refinement. Registration will be limited to a dozen registrants to ensure a good instructor to student ratio and allow for personal interactions. After primary instruction by video conferencing, followup office hours will be available for unanswered questions or requests for help on your own projects.

Our most recent tutorial took place on December 7th and 10th, 2020 and covered model building in ChimeraX and Coot and refinement in Phenix. The tutorial instructions are available here.

The instructions for shorter 1/2 day tutorial held on April 20th and May 13th, 2020 covering model building only with Chimera & Coot are available here.


You will need local installations of the visualization & building software working before we start. More detailed instructions will be provided before the tutorial but this will get you started:

NCCAT’s distance learning Model building tutorial by instructor Christina.