Cloud computing tutorial

Baremetal servers may be augmented by cloud computing services to optimize and balance your processing workload. This tutorial serves as an introduction to AWS Cloud services for on-demand cryoEM processing.

Interested to learn more?

View the slides from the tutorial hosted by Swapnil on 4/16/2020 here.

Tutorial scope

Making use of AWS Cloud Services if done effectively will help maximize your resources.

This tutorial is led by Swapnil who is part of our research computing team and an AWS Solutions Architect working on our cloud services platform.


  • COSMIC2: Cryo-EM Open Source Multiplatform Infrastructure for Cloud Computing.
  • AWS: Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services.

NCCAT regularly uses cloud computing to conduct workshops and processing tutorials for embedded trainees. We are partnering with COSMIC2, in early stages with the NIH STRIDES Initiative and reaching out to lower the barriers for biomedical researchers to access cloud resources.