Visit us at the 2020 virtual M&M and ACA meetings!

It's summer meeting time! Come find us at our M&M virtual booth (Booth #29, August 3-7) or our ACA poster (Poster #4-22 in Session IV on Thursday 8/6), to learn how the national CryoEM service centers and the Transformative High Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy Program can further your research. We hope to "see" you there!

Welcome To Our Newest Microscopes

Working remotely couldn't stop us from officially welcoming our three newest microscopes. Glacios "Alison" & Krios6 "Caitlin" were signed off at the end of March. Krios5 "Nathaniel" was signed off at the end of June (after achieving a sub-2Å reconstruction!), bringing our family of microscopes close to completion. Thanks to all the hard work from the ThermoFisher team and our SEMC staff!

Ask Me Anything

Join us for a remote info session April 9 at 11am EDT. Signup here: . We'll talk about new access categories, distance education, our SEMC cookbook and calendar & more.

Application Deadline

Our next application deadline for access has been extended to April 10, 2020. For COVID-19 CryoEM related research we have opened a separated access category with rolling, expedited review. To apply, please click here  

Remote Work

How do you run a national cryo-EM center during a global pandemic? Remote technology and incredible leadership. Go team!

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