Pre-award Central

General User Proposal – Category 2 (GUP2)

Pre-session information:

Thank you for your interest in NCCAT. To ensure the highest opportunity for success we require additional information about your sample before we move to the award and scheduling phase.

Note, the more information NCCAT receives the better able we are to match the correct resources to your project. If you do not have data to complete a section, then please state “No data available”.

Do NOT ship any samples until NCCAT has contacted you to schedule a session. Full details on sample requirements and shipping information will be provided at that time.


Additional information on access:

In this access phase, NCCAT GUP2 users are awarded up to two (2) Chameleon grid preparation sessions per standard GUP2 application.

The workflow for this access category is as follows:

  1. users will ship their sample to NCCAT,
  2. our operators will iteratively optimize the experiment to maximize the performance of Chameleon, and
  3. we will send you back 1-2 grid boxes with up to four (4) grids in each grid box, and a feedback report.

If you would like NCCAT to collect data then we can hold onto your grids pending you have a Krios access proposal.