The next installment of the monthly methods-focused webinar series hosted by the National Center for CryoEM Access and Training (NCCAT), along with the Pacific Northwest Center for CryoEM (PNCC), and the Stanford-SLAC CryoEM Center (S2C2) will be held on Thursday August 26, 2021 at 12 PM eastern / 9 AM pacific time

Zheng Ruan, Ph.D. from the Du and Lü Labs at Van Andel Institute will present:
Lessons learned from Sample Preparation and Structural Analysis of Three Membrane Channels

Talk Abstract: Sample preparation and data analysis are important steps in achieving high-resolution cryo-EM structures. In this talk, I will discuss the lessons and tips that I learned while studying three different membrane channels, including the proton-activated chloride channel (PAC), pannexin 1 (PANX1) and transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 5 (TRPM5). I will cover topics including detergent/nanodisc optimization, the impact of GFP tag on sample quality, and data processing strategies to overcome various issues such as featureless small target, conformational heterogeneity, and protein flexibility. Finally, I will also provide some tips that we often use to boost map quality and resolution. I hope my experiences will be of value to your projects and help you improve the reconstruction of cryo-EM structures.

All are welcome to attend. Registration is at no-cost, but sign-up is required: