The next installment of the monthly methods-focused webinar series hosted by the National Center for CryoEM Access and Training (NCCAT), along with the Pacific Northwest Center for CryoEM (PNCC), and the Stanford-SLAC CryoEM Center (S2C2) will be held on Thursday January 28, 2021 at 12 PM eastern / 9 AM pacific time

Dr. Michael A. Cianfrocco, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan will talk about his work on Cloud computing tools for cryoEM

Talk Abstract: Single-particle cryoEM has become a go-to technique for structural biologists across a wide range of biological disciplines. Continued investments in national and regional cryoEM instrumentation now provides access for increased numbers of labs. Despite these improvements, access to data processing resources remains a hurdle as users navigate an ever-changing landscape of software and analysis routines. To address this limitation, I have helped to build cloud computing resources on public cloud resources (Amazon Web Services) and an NSF-funded supercomputing center (San Diego Supercomputer Center). In this talk, I will discuss the cloud computing landscape and our recent efforts at building a freely available data processing platform at the San Diego Supercomputer Center via the platform, COSMIC2. By integrating big data moving services alongside cryoEM algorithms for particle stacks and 3D volumes, we facilitate cryoEM job submission to supercomputers without the need of a command line. This gateway lowers the barrier to high-performance computing tools and facilitates the growth of cryo-EM to become a routine tool for structural biology. For more information, please learn more about COSMIC2 by following this URL:

All are welcome to attend. Registration is at no-cost, but sign-up is required: