Meetings & Events

6 – 8 Dec 2020
EMBO Virtual Workshop: In situ Structural Biology: From Cryo-EM to Integrative Modelling – Virtual

2-16 December 2020
American Society for Cell Biology Virtual Meeting
Cell Bio 2020 Virtual-an Online ASCB|EMBO Meeting offers every attendee the opportunity to create their own content and topics to present at the meeting. This is a meeting designed by you.

22-26 February 2021
Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society

2-5 February  2021
Keystone Meeting: Frontiers in Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Banff, AB CA
Meeting aims to bring together leaders who are defining the new frontiers of cryo-EM and future leaders who are rapidly beginning to adopt this new discipline and will likely drive future innovations in the coming decades.

10-12 March 2021
8th NovAliX Conference Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2020
Boston, United States
Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs
Advances in Cryo-EM : Micro-ED, Sample Optimization and Grid Preparation

13-18 June 2021
GRC: Visualizing Biological Complexity Across Scales in 3DEM 
Castelldefels, ES The 2020 Gordon Research Conference on Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy will celebrate its 35th year of existence, by continuing the tradition of highlighting the best of cutting-edge research in 3DEM. Application deadline May 24

7 – 9 July 2021
Challenges in biological cryo electron microscopy: Faraday Discussion
Sheffield, United Kingdom
This meeting is for established scientists, post-graduate students and industrial researchers interested in this expanding field. This meeting will bring together expertise from the UK and the international cryo-EM community to discuss the current developments and challenges in the field. The unique format of the Faraday Discussions will allow for in-depth discussions and opportunities to establish new collaborations.
Oral/paper abstract due 19 October 2020.
Poster abstract due by 26 April 2021.

11-14 August 2021
Electron Crystallography School – 3D Electron Diffraction/MicroED Bridging Small Molecule and Macromolecular Crystallography
Tabor, Czech Republic
School on 3D electron diffraction/MicroED techniques and how to apply them for structure determination of nano/microcrystals too small for X-ray diffraction. The topics will cover inorganic compounds, pharmaceutics and proteins. It includes both lectures and practical sessions.

14-22 August 2021
General Assembly and Congress of the International Union of Crystallography 25 
Prague, CZ
Sessions on validation of cryoEM structures and maps , and cryoEM for macromolecules from single particles to microcrystals.

12-15 September 2021
9th International Conference on Electron Tomography 
Egmond aan Zee, NL
The conference will highlight the latest developments in the field of tomography.

Postponed TBD:
2nd Princeton-Nature Conference: Frontiers in Electron Microscopy for the Physical and Life Sciences
Princeton,  NJ
This conference will bring together researchers from physical and life sciences working on cutting-edge electron microscopy technologies, with an emphasis on identifying and addressing new challenges, promoting synergies and developing the next generation of instruments and tools.

Date TBD:
Cryo-EM and its role in understanding translation 
New York NY USA
A symposium honoring Joachim Frank on his 80th birthday. Registration required, deadline is May 31

Past meetings:

17-28 August 2020
EMBO Practical Course
The course is aimed at PhD students and PostDocs who already have some experience in cryo-EM and image processing, and who wish to learn the theory of cryo-EM image processing and more advanced practice with the aim of developing these techniques.

2-7 August 2020
American Crystallographic Association 2020 Annual Meeting 
Remote format
Workshops on Crystallographic and Cryo-EM Structure Solution with Phenix, Fundamentals of Single Particle CryoEM, and sessions sponsored by the ACA Cryo-EM Special Interest Group. Registration required, early registration (lower fees) ends March 31

2-6 August 2020
Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting (M&M 2020)
Remote format
Multiple Sessions, tutorials, and symposia related to 3DEM

10-12 June 2020
S2C2 Cryo-EM Image Processing Workshop 
Stanford-SLAC, Remote format
Short format training workshop with lectures and practice sessions.

29 May – 24 July 2020
Instruct-ERIC I2PC webinar series
For a theoretical and practical background on image processing using Scipion, Xmipp and other tools available through Scipion, the Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) is organizing a series of webinars, every Friday at 17.00 PM CEST.