CryoEM Current Practices Webinar 05/27/2021

The next installment of the monthly methods-focused webinar series hosted by the National Center for CryoEM Access and Training (NCCAT), along with the Pacific Northwest Center for CryoEM (PNCC), and the Stanford-SLAC CryoEM Center (S2C2) will be held on Thursday May 27, 2021 at 12 PM eastern / 9 AM pacific time

Nicolas Coudray, Senior Scientist, Bhabha/Ekiert Lab New York Univerity School of Medicine will present: Behind the scenes: CryoEM of E. coli lipid transporters

Talk Abstract: The outer membrane (OM) of Gram-negative bacteria is an asymmetric bilayer composed of LPS in the outer leaflet and phospholipids in the inner leaflet. It constitutes a robust barrier for the cell, often making bacteria resistant to antibiotics that are unable to cross this barrier. Targeting pathways involved in maintaining the integrity of the outer membrane may be a fruitful approach for developing new antibiotics. Elucidating the structure and mechanism of proteins involved in the transport of lipids across the periplasm constitutes a step in that direction. The MCE protein family has been shown to be involved in phospholipid transport in double membraned bacteria. Using the core “MCE domain” as a fundamental building block, this protein family can adopt substantially different architectures and thus, different mechanisms, to transport lipids between membranes. Cryo EM data processing and insights gained from structures of two of these systems from E. coli will be discussed: the Mla system and the Let system. These structures provide the basis for two fundamentally different mechanisms of lipid transport in bacteria

All are welcome to attend. Registration is at no-cost, but sign-up is required:

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