• 1 week.

  • Morning lectures.

  • Afternoon practicals.

  • March 11-15, 2024.

  • At no cost.

  • Room and board NOT included.

Applications coming soon

For more information email nccatuseroffice [at] nysbc.org

see the 2020 shortcourse

Single Particle Short Course
March 11-15, 2024

NCCAT is offering a 1-week workshop focused on the theory and practice of single-particle analysis. The mornings are filled with lectures and stimulating round-table discussions. The afternoons provide hands-on practicals to reinforce fundamental concepts and topics covered earlier in the day.

Short-course Agenda

Monday, March 11, 2024

Session Type Lecturer Topic
Morning Lecture 1 – Keynote Joachim Frank (Columbia University) Intro and overview of SPA
Morning Roundtable 1 students Flashtalks from students
Afternoon Lecture 2 Victor Chen & Wen Jian (Purdue University) cryoVR for sample preparation
Afternoon Practical 1 SEMC staff cryoEM sample prep and grid prep stations

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Session Type Lecturer Topic
Morning Lecture 3 SEMC staff Microscopes and tools of the trade
Afternoon Roundtable 2 SEMC staff Making use of local facilities and national centers
Afternoon Practical 2 SEMC staff Plunge freezing & TEM stations

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Session Type Lecturer Topic
Morning Lecture 4a Fred Sigworth (Yale University) Algorithms and foundational math PartI:
derivation/explanation of the CTF, FTs.
Morning Lecture 4b Fred Sigworth (Yale University) Algorithms and foundational math PartII:
reconstruction, classification, and maximum likelihood.
Morning Lecture 5 Amedee des Georges & Reza Khayat (ASRC/CUNY) Data Analysis and reconstruction workflow
Lunch Roundtable 3 Fred Sigworth & Amedee des Georges Current and new algorithms to deal with SPA reconstruction
Afternoon Practical 3 SEMC staff Processing using cryoSPARC

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Session Type Lecturer Topic
Morning Lecture 6 Rich Hite (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) Interpretation and Limitations of SPA
Morning Lecture 7 Tom Walz (Rockefeller University) SPA today and tomorrow [not Validation Methods]
Lunch Roundtable 4 Rich Hite & Tom Walz EM challenges and new frontiers
Afternoon Practical 4 SEMC staff Autoloader TEMs and Krios data collection at a national center
Afternoon Lecture 8 Jack Turner Deposition and Structure Data Archiving
Dinner all instructors Group dinner

Friday, March 15, 2024

Session Type Lecturer Topic
Morning Lecture 9 Oli Clarke (Columbia University) Fitting Atomic Models
Morning Lecture 10 Gira Bhabha & Damian Ekiert (New York University) Coordinate Refinement and Validation
Morning Roundtable 5 Oli Clarke, Gira Bhabha and Damian Ekiert Making biological conclusions from cryoEM reconstructions.
Afternoon Practical 5 Oli Clarke Coot and model building

This workshop is offered at NO COST, but limited to 16 attendees.

Apply today.

We will reach out to participants by end of January to the beginning of February. For further inquires please email the NCCAT User Office.

Yes. This will be an in-person on-site workshop.

A copy of the NYSBC’s COVID-19 policies may be found here.

Yes. All parts of the workshop will be recorded. We will post all learning materials on our website.