NCCAT is not only invested in building nationwide cryoEM capability and capacity, but to be a global leader. Today we hosted visitors from Japan's KEK IMSS Structural Biology Research Center to strengthen our international outreach and work on establishing common standards.

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International Education Development Center Visit

NCCAT's dissemination activities include outreach to young scientists and researchers about cryoEM. We welcomed high school and college exchange students from the International Education Development Center that have been immersing themselves into biological research at Columbia University.

Pacific Northwest Cryo-EM Center Visit

NIH service center cross-training is a key component of our efforts to lower the barriers for biomedical researchers to access Cryo-EM. With our visitors from PNCC we also incorporated other structural biology modalities by interfacing with our NMR collegues.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Hey Investigators, are you looking to expand your research into cryo-electron microscopy? Take advantage of the training offered at one of three NIH Common Fund national CryoEM centers. You can find links to the centers and applications for training here: #ThisIsNIH

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